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Viewpoint Molecular Targeting™ Announces Strategic Partnership with Eichrom Technologies to Accelerate Isotope Production Process Development

Apr 6, 2021

– Automation of manufacturing is critical to scaling Viewpoint’s isotope production technologies in a way that is safe for personnel and cost effective –

​Coralville, IA, April 6, 2021
– Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc. (“Viewpoint” or the “Company”), a radiopharmaceutical company developing precision α-particle oncology therapeutics and complementary diagnostic imaging agents, today announced it has established a strategic partnership with Eichrom Technologies, LLC (“Eichrom”) to accelerate the automation and scale up of Viewpoint’s isotope production process.

Eichrom is a world leader in radiometal separations and chromatography technologies that play a central role in radiopharmaceutical development and production. The company operates a subsidiary called Nuclear Power Outfitters (“NPO”) that specializes in custom radiation shielding for the nuclear industry. Eichrom and NPO represent an ideal supplier of Pb-212 generator pre-assemblies for manufacturing as well as a world-class organization with vast knowledge of radiometal purifications and radiation safety components for Viewpoint applications.

By working with the team at Eichrom, we gain decades of experience in optimizing the key aspects of radiometal chromatography for our isotope production technologies. In addition, NPO is a nimble-custom radiation shielding partner with deep experience and knowledge that can be implemented as our production process is scaled up. We have had a long-standing supplier relationship with both of these great teams, and we are excited to further strengthen our relationship as a means to accelerate our manufacturing roll out,” commented Michael Schultz, PhD, Chief Science Officer of Viewpoint.

​Michael Fern, President of Eichrom, added, “We believe the combination of Eichrom’s expertise in the fields of radiochemistry and radiation protection with Viewpoint’s cutting edge theranostic technology will have significant impact in the future of cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is an exciting time for both companies as we collaborate to bring the Pb-212 generator to market.”

Viewpoint’s proprietary VMT-𝛼-GEN is an elegantly-designed isotope generator that provides therapeutic doses of Pb-212 for the Company’s therapeutic and diagnostic (“Theranostic”) programs for the treatment of cancers, including metastatic melanoma and neuroendocrine tumors.

Radionuclide generators such as VMT-𝛼-GEN are used commonly in radiopharmacies and nuclear medicine facilities across the world. The devices share a common characteristic of enabling the production of a purified chemical form of the radionuclide needed that can be easily combined with ligands that seek out cancerous tumors. Because the shelf life of VMT-𝛼-GEN is based on a longer-lived radionuclide (Ra-224), a single shipment of VMT-𝛼-GEN can be used to produce radiopharmaceutical doses daily, for up to a week or more. The device can then be returned to the manufacturer in approved packaging to eliminate radioactive waste from the medical center or radiopharmacy.

​About Eichrom Technologies, LLC

Eichrom Technologies and subsidiaries are world leaders in radiochemistry and radiation protection. Founded in 1990, Eichrom has been at the forefront of new product development and commercialization in the areas of environmental radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, and geochemistry. With more than 30 years of developing chromatography products and methods of separation and purification in the field of radiochemistry which have become the global standard for laboratory analysis of actinides and beta-emitting fission products for environmental monitoring and internal dosimetry programs at nuclear facilities in over 150 countries and on all 7 continents.

As experts in chromatography, column packing, and radiochemistry, we have long addressed the chemical separation and purification needs of organizations involved in radiopharmaceutical R&D and production. We apply our experience base to solve customer problems with both proprietary and commercially available separation media.

About Viewpoint
Viewpoint Molecular Targeting is a radiopharmaceutical company developing precision oncology therapeutics and complementary diagnostic imaging agents. The Company’s leading alpha-particle radiotherapies are designed to deliver powerful alpha radiation specifically to cancer cells utilizing specialized targeting peptides. Viewpoint is also developing complementary imaging diagnostics that utilize the same targeting peptide which provide the opportunity to personalize treatment and optimize patient outcomes. This “theranostic” approach enables the ability to see the specific tumor and then treat it to potentially improve efficacy and minimize toxicity associated with many other types of cancer treatments.

The Company’s melanoma (VMT01) and neuroendocrine tumor (VMT-𝛼-NET) programs are entering Phase 1 imaging studies, to be followed by Phase 1/2a therapy trials for the treatment of metastatic melanoma and neuroendocrine tumors at two leading academic institutions. For more information, please visit the Company’s website viewpointmt.com.

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