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Viewpoint CSO “Spotlight Speaker” at World Molecular Imaging Congress

Sep 15, 2017

September 15, 2017 | Philadelphia, PA.

Viewpoint Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Michael Schultz, PhD was invited to speak at the Spotlight Session – Advancing Drug Discovery conference session of the World Molecular Imaging Congress. The spotlight sessions of the conference are designed to give attendees perspectives on current issues in molecular imaging. Dr. Schultz was invited to present his perspectives on the key role that University start-ups and small biotech companies play in advancing molecular imaging for drug development.

“It is very exciting for Viewpoint to be recognized by the World Molecular Imaging Society as a successful company. It was a remarkable session with perspectives ranging from large Pharma to contract research organizations. I was delighted to take part.”–MICHAEL SCHULTZ, Viewpoint Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer