A New Line Of Sight
Into Targeted Cancer Therapies

VMT-𝛼-GEN: Elegantly Designed Pb-212 Isotope Generator

Enables a nimble supply of therapeutic radioisotope with the power of alpha-particle therapy for cancer

We have developed a proprietary isotope generator, VMT-𝛼-GEN, to deliver our therapeutic isotope Pb-212 for supply to patients. With a half-life of 10.6 hours, Pb-212 is ideally suited to deliver powerful alpha-particle therapy to cancerous tumors, while representing a lower risk for off-target unintended effects and the potential for treatment on an outpatient basis.

  • Abundant feedstock from nuclear and mining waste material


  • On demand daily doses
      • Auto-regenerates overnight
      • ≃1 week shelf life

  • Small footprint allows for benchtop use and simple logistics – the size of a coffee thermos


  • Long-term supply contract with the National Isotope Development Center of the U.S. Department of Energy Isotope Program

Radionuclide generators such as VMT-𝛼-GEN are used commonly in radiopharmacies and nuclear medicine facilities across the world. The devices share a common characteristic of enabling the on-site production of a purified chemical form of the radionuclide that can be combined with targeting peptides that seek out cancerous tumors. Because the shelf life of VMT-𝛼-GEN is based on a longer-lived radionuclide (Ra-224), a single shipment of VMT-𝛼-GEN can be used to produce radiopharmaceutical doses daily, for up to a week or more. The device can then be returned to the manufacturer in approved packaging to eliminate radioactive waste from the medical center or radiopharmacy.