A New Line Of Sight
Into Targeted Cancer Therapies



Image-Guided Radionuclide Therapy

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Therapeutic Mechanisms of Action

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Dosimetry/Personalized Medicine

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Applied Science

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Abstracts, Posters, and Oral Presentations

Drug Development

Schultz MK and Li M. (2020) Optimizing peptide and chelator structure for receptor targeted alpha particle therapy for SST2R positive cancers. Invited presentation. Evolving Targeted Therapies for Cancer Workshop – Sponsored by the US National Isotopes Development Center, US Department of Energy.

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Image-guided Receptor-Targeted Radionuclide Therapy/Theranostics

Schultz MK (2019). Pb-212-/Pb-203 Theranostics for Cancer. Invited presentation. Theranostics World Congress. Jeju, South Korea, March 1-4, 2019.

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Combination PRRT Therapies

Li M, Lee D, Liu D, Graves S, Bushnell D, Menda Y, O’Dorisio MS, & Schultz MK (2020). Enhancing tumor-specific immune response by combining immune checkpoint inhibitors with receptor targeted radionuclide therapy for metastatic melanoma. Invited presentation. Evolving Targeted Therapies for Cancer Workshop – Sponsored by the US National Isotopes Development Center, US Department of Energy.

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Lee D, Li M, Liu D, Kapoor S, Prindle J, Smith A, Schultz MK. Enhancing SSTR2-targeted alpha particle therapy for neuroendocrine tumors with everolimus and histone deacetylase inhibitors. 2019 Theranostics World Congress (poster selected for oral presentation). Jeju, South Korea; March 1-3.

Li M, Lee D, Kapoor S, Liu D, & Schultz MK. (2017) Enhanced efficacy of image-guided targeted α-particle therapy for human metastatic melanoma by co-treatment of MAPK and HDAC inhibitors. Society for Melanoma Research Congress, Boston MA, Nov. 6-9; Abstract.

Mechanism of Action/Effects

Kapoor S, Li M, Lee D, Liu D, Johnson FL, & Schultz MK. Redox Imbalance Mediates Adaptation to MAPKi via ER Stress and Autophagy in Melanoma (2017). World Congress on Melanoma/Society for Melanoma Research October 21-25, 2018, Brisbane, Australia (oral presentation).

Kapoor S, Li M, Lee D, Liu D, Johnson FL, & Schultz MK. (2017) BRAFi induced thiol imbalance leads to BRAFi adaptation via autophagic flux. Society for Melanoma Research Congress, Boston MA, Nov. 6-9; Abstract.

Lee D, Li M, Liu D, Schultz MK. Long-term renal toxicity of Pb-212-DOTA-tyr3-octreotide for treatment of neuroendocrine tumors and protection with a megalin antisense oligonucleotide. 2018 Central States chapter of Society of Toxicology (Poster presentation; outstanding poster award). Manhattan KS; October 18-19, 2018

Applied Science

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