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Viewpoint/Radiomedix win SBIR funding from the NCI – NIH.

Viewpoint/Radiomedix partner to win SBIR funding from the National Cancer Institute – National Institutes of Health.

June 23, 2014, (Iowa City/Houston). Iowa City based Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, LLC and Houston-based partner Radiomedix, Inc. have secured a $150,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the National Cancer Institute (National Institutes of Health) to advance co-development of a new diagnostic and therapeutic for metastatic melanoma. The companies will use the funding to determine the feasibility of glucose transporter targeted diagnostics and therapeutics for metastatic melanoma.

“I think that the strength of our preliminary data carried our proposal through the NCI reviews.” Says Dr. Izabela Tworowska, Chief Science Officer at Radiomedix. “Our early phase in vitro and in vivo results clearly demonstrate the potential for our co-developed products for imaging and therapy for melanoma. RadioMedix and Viewpoint share commercial interests and business development plans and this grant award will help expand our collaboration.”

The collaborative SBIR research is focused on commercialization of a new class of theranostic agent that has great potential for diagnosis and therapy for metastatic melanoma. “This collaborative research is leveraged on real synergy that we are experiencing with our partner Radiomedix. We are finding that our companies share a common commitment to combining great science with vision for clinical translation of discovery – and we are expecting great success.” says Viewpoint Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Schultz .

“Initially, we sought out Viewpoint as a partner to assist us with technical aspects of radiopharmaceuticals that were related to our IND applications to the FDA.” says Radiomedix co-founder and CEO Dr. Ebrahim Delpassand MD. “As we learned more about each other, we found that Viewpoint and Radiomedix shared scientific research directions that complemented each other beautifully.  This Phase I SBIR is a testament to the potential of our co-development efforts.”

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