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Viewpoint Wins Innovation Showcase Top Company Award


Iowa Biotechnology Association (IowaBio) Executive Director Joe Hrdlicka said today Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, of Coralville, was awarded the top company award at this year’s Partnering For Growth Biotech Innovation Showcase.

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting is a startup pharmaceutical company that develops therapies and diagnostics for cancer – with a focus on metastatic melanoma. The lead product VMT-MCR1 is a combination diagnostic-therapeutic radiopharmaceutical, a technology platform referred to as a “theranostic”. The product can be used to precisely determine the location and extent of cancerous tumors in the body and then be used to direct a lethal dose of radiation precisely to cancer cells in the body.

Hrdlicka said this event is the result of industry leaders and investors seeking to establish a gathering of innovators, inventors and investors to collaborate on their work specific to the field of biotechnology. The Showcase provides a forum for biotech leaders in Iowa and beyond to present their innovations to potential investors in Iowa and beyond.  He said the company was presented with a $5,000 check in a presentation following the event.

“Our expert panel felt Viewpoint made the most compelling case for best company,” Hrdlicka said. “We had 12 companies from around the country. Viewpoint’s work exemplifies Iowa’s leadership position in bioscience.”

“The Showcase has been an outstanding experience for Viewpoint and we’re honored and energized by the top honors selection from an exceptional group of exciting up and coming companies,” said Dr. Michael Schultz, Viewpoint’s chief science officer.  “The experience has helped us to better communicate our mission and our potential value and seeing the others present has been inspiring!”

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Contact: Joe Hrdlicka (515) 327-9156-office (515) 250-9798-mobile

IowaBio’s Partnering For Growth forum is the state’s “biotechnology summit” targeted to senior leaders in biotech who have funding, human resources, issues management, business development and research in their areas of responsibility. The event also attracts public leaders who lead programs assisting the biotech sector from a funding, regulatory or economic development perspective. Partnering For Growth features a series of educational presentations, track sessions and networking activities aimed at sharing best practices and opportunities for collaboration within the industry in addition to the Biotech Innovation Showcase.

Viewpoint’s products are currently under development and therefore not approved by the FDA.