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Viewpoint teams with Voximetry to improve outcomes and accelerate clinical trials for new cancer therapies

Coralville, IA/Madison, WI – January 20, 2019. Viewpoint Molecular Targeting and Voximetry, LLC announced the signing of a memorandum of collaboration to utilize Voximetry’s state of the art personalized nuclear medicine dosimetry software solution as a cutting edge tool for subject selection and dosimetry planning for upcoming clinical trials of Viewpoint’s new radiopharmaceutical therapies for cancer. “We’re excited to be partnering with the Voximetry team,” said Viewpoint Chief Medical Officer Frances L. Johnson, MD. “Our radiopharmaceutical therapies for cancer are entering the clinical trial phase of development when there is a growing understanding of the tremendous potential for ligand directed radionuclide based therapies. Voximetry’s personalized dosimetry software is meeting the critical need for a widely-deployable solution that can implemented in the current operational paradigm of medical physics. The approach is envisioning a horizon that enables integration of a radionuclide based dosimetry platform that recognizes the need for integration in current medical records and medical physics workflows. This is clearly the future for medical physics for theranostics.”
“Viewpoint is clearly emerging as a leader in the burgeoning field of alpha-particle targeted radionuclide therapy for cancer,” said Voximetry Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder Bryan Bednarz, PhD. “The company is clearly not only looking at the technical-scaling challenges of conducting early stage clinical trials to demonstrate potential, but also working at an early stage of development to ensure that theranostic imaging and personalized dosimetry can be integrated into current medical records and transactional infrastructure. These goals are a clear match with the Voximetry dosimetry solution – that is, moving away from a dosimetry-consulting model to a highly accurate and adaptable solution that can be readily implemented in the normal therapeutic workflow. We could not be more delighted to partner with Viewpoint to ensure that their new radiopharmaceutical therapies can be adopted readily by medical institutions and clinics that rely on the electronic medical record.”
Voximetry, founded in Madison, WI in 2016, is an early stage healthcare technology company that specializes in commercializing improvements related to nuclear medicine dosimetry. Voximetry’s patient-specific approach can accurately predict efficacy and adverse effects of radiopharmaceutical therapy, thereby improving patient outcomes.
Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc., is an early stage radiopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of alpha-particle targeted therapies for cancer. The company is based in Coralville, IA and is expanding operations to include radiopharmaceutical production facilities in Cedar Rapids, IA.