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Viewpoint Molecular Targeting receives cash prize for its efforts to develop a winning-innovative Business Model, which is accelerating the company to new growth potential.

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting was awarded a cash prize of $5,000 today as part of the University of Iowa Innovation Summit, which recognizes innovation in technology transfer and company development for University of Iowa faculty and Staff. Receiving the award today was Viewpoint founding member and CSO Michael K Schultz PhD. The award is based on the development of a business model that included strategic partnerships and alliances that are accelerating the company to new growth potential. “As we developed a more thorough understanding of the capital required for the bricks and mortar operations of our discovery engine, we realized that a strategic alliance approach might be a better way to achieve our underlying goals.” says Dr Schultz. “We have singled out partners that we could assist with pivotal IND enabling advances and technical developments and sought to secure the people space and equipment needed for our operations. We are excited about the results with our partner Radiomedix, LLC, who were recently granted IND status for a new molecular imaging agent and our agreement gives us preclinical facilities that are fully licensed and operational for our translational clinical developments. This is a big win-win for Viewpoint and Radiomedix.”