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Viewpoint enters collaborative agreement with Radiomedix, Inc. to pursue co-development of image-guided therapies for melanoma.

Viewpoint announced today that it will join forces with Radiomedix, Inc. (Houston, TX) to co-develop new diagnostic imaging agents and molecular therapies for metastatic melanoma. “The decision to formalize our collaborative efforts makes perfect sense.” says Radiomedix CEO Ebrehim Delpassand. “Viewpoint brings key technology and advancement knowledge for diagnostic imaging agents that can help us accelerate introduction of our new agents.” The sentiment is echoed by Viewpoint leadership. “We are delighted to be working with the group at Radiomedix.” says Michael K Schultz PhD (Viewpoint CSO). “The agreement gives us the laboratory footprint bricks and mortar we need to accelerate the pace of our product development and co-development projects are adding to product pipelines for both companies synergistically.” The companies plan an aggressive schedule of joint funding applications and are expecting great success.”

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