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Viewpoint CSO Michael K Schultz PhD selected to present Keynote address at the UI BioVentures Center Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.

Michael Schultz PhD, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiation Oncology in the Free Radical and Radiation Biology program was asked to present his perspectives on the tenure track faculty journey to company development and the successes that his company Viewpoint Molecular Targeting has had in spinning up from the University of Iowa. “We have had terrific support from the UI Research Foundation and the local entrepreneurial community. The successes that we are having preclinically with our lead products is very exciting.” Says Dr Schultz. In the presentation, Dr Schultz highlighted changes in direction that the company has made to work toward becoming more heavily involved with larger companies and setting sites on becoming a collaborator with a larger firm to accelerate company development. The moves appear to be paying off as Viewpoint is assisting Radiomedix, a Houston based company with IND enabling technical development and documentation and Dr Schultz’s lab is developing new funded collaborations with other larger pharmaceutical industry firms.