Products & Technology

Products & Technology

Viewpoint products are radiopharmaceutical drugs that are designed to specifically localize in cancerous tissues in the human body. In this way, our products deliver radiation for imaging and therapy specifically to cancer cells, while sparing healthy organs; thereby improving efficacy and minimizing toxic side-effects associated with many other cancer drugs.

Our Technologies are being recognized by the scientific community as a next generation of molecular targeting for imaging and therapy for cancer.

The American Chemical Society’s Carbohydrate Chemistry Division Spring Newsletter 2014 features a cover story on the Viewpoint’s efforts to advance its new paradigm in cancer cell targeting for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy. The feature highlights the technology and the potential for improved imaging and therapy for cancer.

View the ACS Newsletter: CARB Newsletter Spring 2014

About Viewpoint

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc. develops pharmaceutical drugs for diagnostic imaging and therapy for cancer, with a focus on metastatic melanoma. Our novel image-guided therapies enable a personalized approach to select patients that can benefit most and to optimize treatment planning for our targeted therapies. Our unique “theranostic” agents possess properties for both diagnostic imaging and therapy for cancer, personalizing the selection of patients and optimizing patient care.