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Viewpoint enters collaborative agreement with Radiomedix, Inc. to pursue co-development of image-guided therapies for melanoma.

Viewpoint announced today that it will join forces with Radiomedix, Inc. (Houston, TX) to co-develop new diagnostic imaging agents and molecular therapies for metastatic melanoma. “The decision to formalize our collaborative efforts makes perfect sense.” says Radiomedix CEO Ebrehim Delpassand. “Viewpoint brings key technology and advancement knowledge for diagnostic imaging agents that can help us accelerate introduction of our new agents.” The sentiment is echoed by Viewpoint leadership. “We are delighted to be working with the group at Radiomedix.” says Michael K Schultz PhD (Viewpoint CSO). “The agreement gives us the laboratory footprint bricks and mortar we need to accelerate the pace of our product development and co-development projects are adding to product pipelines for both companies synergistically.” The companies plan an aggressive schedule of joint funding applications and are expecting great success.”

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Viewpoint Molecular Targeting receives cash prize for its efforts to develop a winning-innovative Business Model, which is accelerating the company to new growth potential.

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting was awarded a cash prize of $5,000 today as part of the University of Iowa Innovation Summit, which recognizes innovation in technology transfer and company development for University of Iowa faculty and Staff. Receiving the award today was Viewpoint founding member and CSO Michael K Schultz PhD. The award is based on the development of a business model that included strategic partnerships and alliances that are accelerating the company to new growth potential. “As we developed a more thorough understanding of the capital required for the bricks and mortar operations of our discovery engine, we realized that a strategic alliance approach might be a better way to achieve our underlying goals.” says Dr Schultz. “We have singled out partners that we could assist with pivotal IND enabling advances and technical developments and sought to secure the people space and equipment needed for our operations. We are excited about the results with our partner Radiomedix, LLC, who were recently granted IND status for a new molecular imaging agent and our agreement gives us preclinical facilities that are fully licensed and operational for our translational clinical developments. This is a big win-win for Viewpoint and Radiomedix.”

Viewpoint Chief Science Officer, Michael K Schultz PhD receives Distinguished Inventor Award at the University of Iowa Innovation Summit.

Michael K Schultz PhD, CSO and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Iowa received a distinguished Inventor Award today for a 2012 patent submission of a new targeted therapy for metastatic melanoma. The technology targets specific metabolic properties that differentiate cancer cells from normal healthy cells. The discovery is based on developing a more detailed understanding of differences in mitochondrial oxidative metabolism, dysfunctional mitochondrial electron transport chain activity in cancer cells and resultant heightened levels of oxidative stress that are characteristic of cancer cell relative to normal healthy cells. The discovery is driving the development of a new platform technology for targeting cancer cells and metastatic melanoma for image-guided therapy that is in preclinical development at Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, LLC.

Viewpoint CSO Michael K Schultz PhD selected to present Keynote address at the UI BioVentures Center Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.

Michael Schultz PhD, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiation Oncology in the Free Radical and Radiation Biology program was asked to present his perspectives on the tenure track faculty journey to company development and the successes that his company Viewpoint Molecular Targeting has had in spinning up from the University of Iowa. “We have had terrific support from the UI Research Foundation and the local entrepreneurial community. The successes that we are having preclinically with our lead products is very exciting.” Says Dr Schultz. In the presentation, Dr Schultz highlighted changes in direction that the company has made to work toward becoming more heavily involved with larger companies and setting sites on becoming a collaborator with a larger firm to accelerate company development. The moves appear to be paying off as Viewpoint is assisting Radiomedix, a Houston based company with IND enabling technical development and documentation and Dr Schultz’s lab is developing new funded collaborations with other larger pharmaceutical industry firms.

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting CSO Michael K Schultz delivers winning elevator pitch for his new venture.

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, LLC CSO Michael Schultz PhD, an Assistant Professor of Radiology and secondary faculty in the Department of Radiation Oncology Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program delivered the grand prize elevator pitch in the second annual JPEC elevator pitch competition held at the University of Iowa. Dr Schultz’s company is developing new diagnostic imaging and therapy agents that are designed to single out cancer cells in the body to delivery imaging agents and therapies specifically to cancer cells, while minimizing delivery of these agents to healthy cells and tissues in the body. The award marks the start of an exciting new venture that is supported by the University of Iowa Research Foundation and the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center.

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Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc. develops pharmaceutical drugs for diagnostic imaging and therapy for cancer, with a focus on metastatic melanoma. Our novel image-guided therapies enable a personalized approach to select patients that can benefit most and to optimize treatment planning for our targeted therapies. Our unique “theranostic” agents possess properties for both diagnostic imaging and therapy for cancer, personalizing the selection of patients and optimizing patient care.

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