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Jeff Clanton, MS PharmD BCNP

Jeff Clanton, MS PharmD BCNP has been a leader in nuclear pharmacy and nuclear medicine for over 40 years and is a key opinion leader in this field. Dr. Clanton was a long-standing member of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee, Human Subjects Radiation Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, and Chairman of Radioactive Drug Research Committee. Dr. Clanton co-founded and co-owned an independent, commercial radiopharmacy and was responsible for operations and regulatory compliance. In addition, as a consultant for PETNET Pharmaceutical Services, he was responsible for the placement, build-out, training, compliance and start-up of three PET cyclotron manufacturing facilities with pharmacies in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Louisiana. In recognition of his leadership, Dr. Clanton is the 2020 recipient of the William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award in Nuclear Pharmacy Practice. Dr. Clanton has provided leadership and oversight on numerous CMC/IND submissions as well as radiopharmacy operations and regulatory guidance for compliance (NRC, USP, cGMP and pharmacy law). During his 38+ year career at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Dr. Clanton was Director of Radiopharmacy Services; Manager of the Cyclotron Facility; and a member of the Medical School Faculty, where he was responsible for production, operation, and delivery of prepared radiopharmaceuticals to patients. Dr. Clanton has authored or co-authored 90+ peer-reviewed scientific papers and 100+ abstracts for presentation at national meetings.