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INVICRO, LLC, a growing Boston based contract research organization has selected Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, LLC as a partner company to solidify its preclinical radiopharmaceutical development business. “Viewpoint brings a breadth of understanding and experience with radiometals for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy that adds tremendous value to our business.” says INVICRO co-founder and managing partner Jack Hoppin. On this current project, Viewpoint is teaming up with INVICRO to optimize radiolabeling conditions for an exciting new PET molecular imaging agent for a novel oncology target. “This is an exciting development for Viewpoint, which brings revenues to fund operations and offset IP expenses for its pipeline of new radiopharmaceuticals. We are delighted to be working with a growing company, such as INVICRO. The partnership truly represents synergy and we expect great success.” says Viewpoint co-founder and Chief Science Officer Michael Schultz PhD. The partners expect that the current project represents a beginning to a long term collaboration that will attract outsourcing revenues in contract research for radiopharmaceutical development that can significantly reduce costs and accelerate the ramp up from preclinical to clinical introduction of radiopharmaceuticals for their customers. “This is a partnership that very much takes advantage of the strengths of the organization to build a product that can add value for our customers.  We expect to build the relationship into a long term collaboration and are excited to be working with Viewpoint.” adds Jack Hoppin of INVICRO.

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Viewpoints products are founded on years of funded academic research on fundamental differences in cancer cells and cancerous tumors compared to healthy normal cells. Viewpoint seeks out partnerships that can add energy to its efforts to accelerate these discoveries to new improved diagnostic agents and therapies for patient care.

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Viewpoints management team brings years of business experience and early stage company development experience, combined with a detailed scientific understanding of its products and the clinical benefits that can realized by moving them forward for patient care.